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GoldenEye: Source is an online multiplayer arena first-person shooter that aims to provide a faithful recreation of the classic N64 title GoldenEye 007's multiplayer with refined gameplay, high definition graphics and sound.

Want To Help

GoldenEye: Source has always been a not-for-profit modification, and we've relied on the generous support of you: our great community. If you would like to help us with mirror hosting or game servers, or want to get involved, do not hesitate to join the community and drop us a line!

Over 10 years in the making. GE:S has had many talented developers working to bring you quality content at no cost to you. With its own unique mix of retro and modern style, GoldenEye: Source aims to appeal to fans of the original as well as anyone looking for an enjoyable multiplayer Free For All shooter.







Login on the main site does not work right now but feel free to join us on the forums.
Classic Mode
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Source Mode
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Licence to Kill Classic
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Licence to Kill Source
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