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If you’ve ever looked up at the night sky over Earth and thought there was something beautiful in what you saw, just imagine doing the same thing from the surface of another planet somewhere. The Space Astronomy mod pack doesn’t give you alien skies that appear to be from some foreign place, but it does hook players up with lots of space faring action, including high technology you don’t normally find in Minecraft and a ton of other space features. This is accomplished with a hefty number of mods, so players seeking a vanilla experience should probably just keep looking – this is not one of those.

Planets that you can explore!

Our Solar system:
Mercury, Venus, Overworld–Moon, Overworld–Space station(Create your own), Mars, Asteroids, & Pluto

Sirius Solar system:
Sirius B, Koentus, Diona, Polongnius, Nibiru, & Fronos

Kapteyn Solar system:
Kapteyn B


(Builds from our past servers.)

GR Space Astronomy is a remix of Space Astronomy with added world gen(RTG), Minecraft Comes Alive, Dynmap, Discord Intergration, and FTBU. Allowing you to explore other planets around the solar system with the help of the provided quest book that will lead you around and the required steps that you will need to take along your journey.


Solar Systems





Get started in 3 easy steps!
  1. Download Space Astronomy pack on the FTB Launcher or Curse Launcher.
  2. Download the Game Rouitne Space Astronomy pack.
  3. Add and replace the files in the Space Astronomy pack with the files in the Game Rouitne Space Astronomy pack.
FTB Launcher
GR Space Astronomy

*A min of 4GB of RAM is recommend for clients for best performance.

Server IP:
Dynmap: Click Here
Join Server Application: Click Here
Login on the main site does not work right now but feel free to join us on the forums.

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